How Can Snelling Staffing Help You?

Snelling Staffing Services is the premier employment agency for the Panama City area. Over the last 50 years, we have cultivated a reputation of excellent communication and results-driven success. We work with local businesses, helping them find the employees they need. For the benefit of our clients, we offer free background checks, free professional reference checks, and drug screens at reduced cost. Whether you’re looking for someone to work part time, full time, temporary, or permanent, we have a variety of qualified candidates available at any given time.

How Does Snelling Work?

Using our extensive database and search tools, we look for the perfect match between candidates and open positions. Whenever someone fills out an application with Snelling, we compare their skills and job history with what your business is looking for. If a candidate has the qualities your position requires, we then submit them to your hiring authority for review. If you decide to continue with the candidate, we help coordinate the interview, finding a time that works best for your business and the potential employee. Once you decide who to hire, we take care of the new hire paperwork and prepare them to start on whichever date works best for you.

Why Use Snelling Staffing?

Not only are our services the most competitively priced in our area, but we also have a vested interest in seeing you succeed. We stay in business by finding good, long term matches between clients and employees. Our recruiters work hard to find employees who exceed expectations. While many businesses end up with a stack of resumes from unqualified applicants, our loyal clients know we only send the best. This means you will waste less time reviewing underwhelming prospects, and focus on what matters most; running your business. While you always have the opportunity to explore other options, Snelling Staffing draws from a large pool of the best candidates in Panama City.

Why Don’t More People Use Snelling Staffing?

There are many viable concerns businesses have when using a staffing service. The most common question with prospective employers is simple; why would I use Snelling when I can hire someone on my own? Well, Snelling Staffing has a dedicated team of recruiters who are skilled and experienced with finding and retaining the most skilled job seekers around. Aside from presenting the highest quality applicants, we also save you time, resources, and money. We cover Worker’s Comp, FICA, Unemployment, and any other burden associated with payroll, so you don’t have to worry about anything except your business. Another concern expressed by many clients is the cost. The great thing about Snelling is that reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates is completely free. You only pay for the hours the employee works. We offer the most competitive rates in the area, which is one reason for our success. Because Snelling is affordable, convenient, and number one in Client Satisfaction, we continue to outperform every other staffing service in Bay County. Over our 50 years in Panama City we have seen many competitors come and go, but Snelling has always retained a reputation of quality. Finally, many businesses just don’t understand how we work. To these employers, we ask that you send us an email, give us a call, or come into our office. Our recruiters can answer any additional questions you may have about Snelling Staffing.

So How Do I Start Looking For Employees Through Snelling?

Contact us! Submit a Job Order form online, send us an email, give us a call, or message us through Facebook. One of our recruiters will be happy to discuss the details with you. Try Snelling Staffing today!

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