Why Don’t More People Use Snelling Staffing

There are many viable concerns businesses have when using a staffing service. The most common question from prospective employers is simple; why would I use Snelling when I can hire someone on my own? Well, Snelling Staffing has a dedicated team of recruiters who are skilled and experienced with finding and retaining the most qualified and motivated job seekers around. Aside from presenting the highest quality applicants, we also save you from dealing with time consuming new hire processes. We cover Worker’s Comp, FICA, Unemployment, and any other burden associated with payroll, so you don’t have to worry about anything except your business. Another concern many clients express is the cost. The great thing about Snelling is reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates is completely free, and you only pay for the hours the employee works. Because Snelling is affordable, convenient, and number one in client satisfaction, we continue to outperform every other staffing service in Bay County. Over our 50 years in Panama City, we have seen many competitors come and go, but Snelling has always retained a reputation of quality. Many businesses just do not understand how we work. To these employers, we ask that you send us an email, give us a call, or come into our office. Our recruiters can answer any additional questions you may have about Snelling Staffing.