Hunter Harden, a Recruiter at the Panama City Snelling office, adopts a stress-free approach when working with candidates. This approach allows candidates to feel more at ease, enhancing the placement process. Throughout the recruitment process, Hunter carefully evaluates each candidate to ensure they are matched with the right position from the start. Celebrating nearly seven years as a valued team member at Snelling, Hunter’s dedication shines through in his work.


Matthew Lehnhoff is the Administrative/Payroll Assistant at the Snelling Panama City office, where he plays a crucial role in the team. His responsibilities include ensuring smooth payroll processing, managing team schedules, handling incoming calls, applications, walk-ins, and testing. When you visit our office, Matthew will be the first person you meet. Matthew has been with Snelling Panama City for three years now


Cyndie Hilburn, who manages the Panama City office, takes pleasure in recognizing both minor and major accomplishments within her team. She fosters an environment where every employee feels at ease sharing any concerns with her. In her role, Cyndie guarantees that each client is dealt with promptly and effectively. She ensures that every client, candidate, and employee understands their significance in contributing to the team’s success. Cyndie recently celebrated being part of the Snelling Panama City team for 19 years.

Larry and Ruth

Snelling’s owners, Larry and Ruth Burton, have been operating the Panama City office for over 30 years. Alongside their team of recruiters, they strive to give their business partners the right fit for the position and exceptional customer service. Our motto is: “We don’t have customers, we have partners with whom we share success.”