Snelling Staffing Services Panama City Florida - Staffing Services that offer workforce solutions such as temporary staffing, contract staffing, pay rolling, direct-hire and recruiting services.

We've seen the world of work change as jobs, technology infrastructure and our country's employment base has shifted again and again. Yet, through it all, SNELLING has provided American employers with the right mix of talent combined with specialized staffing services to keep businesses like yours performing now and in the future.

Grounded in the fundamentals of effective recruiting and staffing, our portfolio of services is designed to be flexible – so we can help you adapt to the changing needs of your organization in the economy of today and tomorrow.

Snelling Workforce Solutions includes the following services:

Temporary/Contract Staffing

Whether you need one person or a full team – for one location or many – SNELLING will provide carefully selected and screened temporary and contract staff to augment your full-time workforce.

Why Employers Love Temporary/Contract Staffing

They’re there when you need them, gone when you don’t and there’s no emotional baggage involved when you no longer need them.

Temporary-to-Hire Staffing

SNELLING actively recruits temporary and contract staff that are ultimately seeking positions directly with our partners. When you know you want to make a hire, we'll identify the right person to do the job today – and it will be someone interested in working with you directly when you're ready.

Why Employers Love Temporary-to-Hire Staffing

Would you marry a spouse with dating them first? Buy a car without a test drive? Probably not. So why take on someone so important in your business life without trying them out first?

SNELLING is the only agency that lets you use the time accrued by one employee to be transferred to another should the first applicant not be the perfect fit. Then after 90 days of work, the employee you’ve come to love and trust can become yours with no additional fees due from anyone.

Snelling Staffing Services Panama City Florida - Staffing Services that offer workforce solutions such as temporary staffing, contract staffing, pay rolling, direct-hire and recruiting services.

Direct-Hire Staffing

Every job counts today more than ever. We know that you can't hire just anyone. You need the skills, experience and “fit” with your organization. You need proven performers that are screened and matched to what you need – and you need them today. SNELLING professionals will provide you with the talent you need on your team.

Why Employers Love Direct-Hire Staffing

Some jobs and careers don’t lend themselves well to temp to perm hiring, like the more professional positions.

Those individuals can not leave one position for another with the guarantee of being assured a permanent job. Since we are a locally owned business wanting to help our fellow local businesses, we offer our partners direct hire rates that up to half what other national recruiting agencies charge.

If all this isn’t enough to love, what is?

Professional Search Services

When you have a highly specialized hiring need, requiring unique skills and outreach, the SNELLING team can conduct a targeted search designed just for you. From hiring needs focused on executives to managers or specialized staff, we'll dedicate resources to help build your team.

Payrolling Services

SNELLING payrolling services are available when you have identified people for your organization yet do not choose to make a direct-hire investment today. We'll handle timekeeping, payroll and administration -- so you don't have to.

Why Employers Love Payrolling Services

If your company didn’t have a payroll person and a human resource person, would that cut costs in your business and save you lots of time? If you didn’t have to have to pay for and maintain a worker’s compensation insurance program, would that save you money and lots of time? If you didn’t have to do W-2’s at the end of the year for everyone that worked for you, would that save you time and money?

Of course it would. By letting SNELLING handle all your payroll, payroll accounting, tax deposits, worker’s comp and human resource needs, that frees up companies to do what they do best and do what makes them money, not do what they don’t do best.

Long-Term Project Staffing

SNELLING's long-term project staffing is the right solution for any organization that needs a group of people to perform specific tasks for a period of time. Whether you're looking for call center representatives, clerical help or other talent, we can provide you with skilled project staff as well as shift leaders, check-in services and many other options as a part of our customized programs.

Managed Services

Our managed services programs are designed to provide either onsite or offsite management when you have high volume staffing needs. Our capabilities extend to specialized supplier management, customized screening and other services that fit your unique staffing environment.

Outsourcing and Specialized Staffing Services

When you need a partner to give you extra support beyond traditional staffing needs, the SNELLING team can design a program for you. From specialized outreach and recruitment marketing programs, to screening candidates that approach you directly or using specialized assessments unique to your organization, we'll work with you to craft the program you need.